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MLK Birtday


January 15 was Martin Luther King’s (MLK) Day and it was a public holiday here in the US. MLK would have turned 78 this year (2007).
His wife-Coretta Scott King – died last year (notably she was awarded Gandhi Peace Prize in 2004. This prize is instituted by India).
I am always fascinated by MLK and the cause he espoused during his short life time. His achievemnets become very important because of his application of the principle of non-violence. He replicated what Gandhiji did initially in South Africa and later in India. MLK fought for the rights of African -Americans and struggled to lessen the racial discrimination. From the media it is clear that race is still an important factor in this country. As Dr Richard J David- the Neonatologist in Chicago- who is always pro-active on issues related to the equal rights often says: race may not be biologically valid, but as a social concept it still persisits.


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