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Chamcha- Giri


The trait of chamcha-giri (flattery) is well-established in our politicians. Here is a letter expressing the same sentiments.

Cringing flattery

I was surprised to see the photograph (Feb 8) showing Punjab Finance Minister and Congress candidate from Amritsar, Surinder Singla, making fawning obeisance to the AICC president, Sonia Gandhi. Apparently, Sonia Gandhi did not bother to acknowledge Singla’s gesture reverential gesture and looked towards another side.
Many Congress leaders used to bow before Indira Gandhi like slaves. Former Congress president Dev Kanth Barooah earned the sobriquet of her Durbari Maskhara (court jester) by his ludicrous remarks “Indira is India”.
At a rally in Jind, Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda described Sonia Gandhi as “a holy stream of the Ganga in the polluted politics”. Once the late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan compared Atal Bihari Vajpayee with Jesus Christ as both shared the same date of birth – December 25.

(Source: The Tribune, Feb 27,07)


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