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Why peace eludes the world and middle east!


Today while driving back from work, I was listening to NPR (National Publc Radio) and “In All Things Considered”, was the interview going on with a Iraqi doctor- Dr Ali Hamdani- who was leaving the war-ravaged Iraq (Waiting a Year to Leave a Life in Iraq). The doctor said that it took him almost a year to be able to move out of Iraq (to Syria and then he plans t o go to USA where he sees his future adding that it is ironic that the place (USA) which devastated his country will be the refuge for him). He said that his he is a Sunni and his wife is a Shia (or vice versa, I do not remember what exactly he said), and when years back they married, this question of different sect never came up for even a discussion, when he approached her father. He adds'” we had same prophet, same God”.These days, says the doctor, politics is being played in the name of sects. We all know
sectarian violence has gripped the nation of Iraq, where peace is still eluding even after the dictatorial regimen of saddam Hussain has been overthrown and an elected government is place, largely due to US invasion of Iraq.

I was moved while listening to Dr Hamdani’s interview. He said that he is not leaving Iraq- the only country he has known- but is being pushed out of it.
We talk about war, we see US forces all the time of TV channels, but what about the common man who is struggling there, is under the constant threat and where death is looming over his head. that is the scenario of a war ravaged nation where sectarian violence has become full blown. People of same religion are killing each other, two brothers of same God or prophet are fighting, killing each other.


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