JOB: recruiting a Coordinator

We are: an NGO working in Haryana in the areas of

social and political rights

We are Looking for: A Coordinator (Male or Female)

Essential Qualification:

1. Good command over written and spoken Hindi and English

(good journalistic skills)

2. Must be computer/Internet literate

3. Passion to work for social and political issues

Desirable Qualification:

Familiar with Haryana’s culture and issues.

Academic background in Journalism and Law


Salary commensurate with experience

We are an upcoming NGO working in the area of social and political reforms: a non-partisan group with an aim to work to bring about a better democracy and governance. Though we have a nationalistic outlook, our initial area of focus will be Haryana. We need socially-committed individual (s) who feel that the politics in India has come to the lowest ebb and want to work to bring about a change- gradually but surely- so that this degeneration could be arrested. Since Independence, our political system has somehow become an example of “Revolving Door Democracy” and has been crippled with political sub-versions, maneuvers, and corruption : We will work through the mechanisms of democracy and strive to bring these issues into the focus and ask for remedial actions! This is a humble beginning but the grit and determination is strong. Thus in the initial years at least, our practices shall mainly be institutional: to study, research, and publish and take them to the public and concerned authorities and then follow-up!! In nutshell, the NGO purposes to act as a non-partisan Pressure Group to press for the social and political rights of the citizens.

Kindly get in touch with Dr Munish Raizada at ( phone: 516-570-6857/ USA) or Mr Akbar Khan (Safidon) at 01686- 231100 or 0981-319-5234 so that further modalities may be discussed. Further details may be seen at

(posted on April 21,2007)


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