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Job opening: Now Hiring


Position of Coordinator

The proposed NGO is hiring a Coordinator to work in Haryana. The work involves co-ordinating with media, various governmental agencies, social organizations and people. Good writing and drafting skills in both Hindi and English are a must as one aspect of this position involves extensive correspondence, and publishing a news-letter. Computer skills are mandatory for the e-communication as well as maintaining and supervising the web-site of the NGO. The position of coordinator is important in the sense that he or she will be the architect of this NGO.The work involves considerable touring.

Satisfactory re-numeration will be paid to the right candidate.

The NGO aims to focus on social and political rights, a demand for better accountability and democracy (working with government, opposition parties and where necessary taking recourse to PILs, Satyagrahas and help shape public opinion). Thus it will be a non-partisan organization which will work as a pressure group. The ultimate aim is to create an effective “Shadow Cabinet”.

If you have a flavor for socio-political work and think that you will enjoy doing it, kindly send the following documents as an attachment to Pedia333@yahoo.com

1. CV (do include your interests, passions and community work)

2. A letter of interest stating about yourself, your interests and

how you see yourself in this scenario (maximum one and a half page)

3. A passport -size photograph will be appreciated.

Dr Munish Raizada

Akbar Khan Rana (Journalist)

(Document created April 24, 07)


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