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Stem Cell Research: Bush vetoes it again


Toda’s news tells us that the US President Bush has once again vetoed the Stem Cell Bill, thereby blocking the new federal funding for stem cell research. This effectively means that scientists will continue to feel handicapped in fully researching the potentials of stem cell. As we know, stem cell research has the potential to cure many seemingly incurable diseases. It can be revolutionary.

By doing so, the Republican President has put his beliefs (conservative) before science, and has tried to mix science with religious beliefs. But the fact remains that science remains in relentless pursuit of truth and thus one can not suppress it. One can try to defer the things in the name of religion (and religion is at best a man-made thing), but how long will you suppress the truth!

Stem cell will one day truimph and give the much-needed succor to the humanity.



  1. versha says:

    there is nothing like truth. what is true to one may not be true for another. so there is no truth which is universal.secondly, every acitivity of human being has some proclaimed purpose. even stem cell research has some proclaimed purpose to it. but besides these proclaimed purposes, the activities impact our life in many other unintended ways, which may be good or bad. for instance, research on abortion has benefitted the mankind in many ways. but in india it is being used, not only for legitimate purposes, but also for forced female foeticide. so, even blessing are proving curse. so, what i want to say is that every discovery or invention, which affects human beings directly has to be looked into from the ethical point of view which may not be strictly religious in nature. if stem cell research is beneficial from the point of view of medical science, it has certain pitfalls from the point of view of ethics if not morality.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Versha. Science without ethics will be the cause of a horrific future for the world.

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