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Learnt New!


It seems that it is never too late to learn something new! My son -who is 8 years- knows swimming and I have to accompany him to the swimming pool. What I do there: just “water-sitting”! But no more and you know who taught me swimming: my son. Having perfected his swimming skills at the just-concluded summer camp, this week he persistently cajoled me to try my hands at swimming and gave me a mantra: The very first step towards learning swimming is to learn ‘Floating’. He demonstarted it to me a few times too.

Floating – as the term denotes- is to fall freely into water and become still! I tried at this and learned swimming in a matter of 2 days, though I have to go a long way, but I can swim now!!
This adds to our fun because now Subramaniyam will have an active player with him in the swimming pool and not just a “water-sitter”. So who is our next target: obviously my wife. I told Bharti that she too can learn it in 2 days (oops, more than 2 days!!). She does not believe that so far.


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