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Gujrat Elections: Modi Wins Again


In the just concluded Gujarat State Assembly Elections- 2007, BJP has emerged victorious bagging 117/182 seats, and the Congress party -led by Sonia Gandhi -has managed to garner 62 seats. Sonia Gandhi has entered the Hall of Infamy by calling Modi as “Maut Ka Saudagar” (Merchant of Death)!

Thus after this resounding victory,Narender Modi will be the CM of Gujarat for third consecutive term. He is the man whom the US government refused a visitor visa 2 years back. Media can ruin you or make you a king. Media has consistently portrayed Modi as a ‘bad guy’ and ‘anti-Muslim’ and thus US thought how could we let a ‘bad guy’ in! Nothing could be more ludicrous! The US did not even do some fact-findings and was swayed by the media reports.

Whatever be the controversial role he played in Gujarat riots, it is clear that Modi is a good administrator. Gujarat has shown development in his regimen and this is what people want.
Here are some interesting comments made after Modi’s win:

1. “Sometimes Fascists do win and repeat their wins,” said Kapil Sibal, Union Science and Technology minister, after the leads came in. Sibal is a Congress leader.

2. Says Ahmed Hussain, Mohammad’s brother, “Allah is with Modi. It is Allah’s wish that he wins and rules Gujarat and we have to obey it.”
“We know Hindus are in a majority and it is they who will rule this state,” he adds. “We only pray that Modi does not repeat the riots of 2002 and create problems for us.

3. Ponting to a dargah near the BJP office, Afzal Kadiwala says, “Modi has never visited the dargah. It is a stone’s throw away from the BJP office but he has never bothered to come. He abhors Muslims. He does not want to be seen in our company.”
“Many BJP leaders visit Muslim shrines and dargahs all over the country and that includes Atal Bihari Vajpayee, but Modi will never do it. If he does, he will lose his Hindu votes, so he will never come here.”

4. He (Aslam Memon) further says, “What Aurangzeb did to Hindus under his rule, Modi is doing the same to Muslims except the fact that we do not pay jaziya (tax levied during Aurangzeb’s rule on Hindus).”

This is the mindset we need to change. I am not exonerating Modi of any wrong doings, but then what the political parties in India doing: simply playing majority and minority cards. In a true secular democracy, there is no place for this and India has a well-established tradition of democracy and secularism, only if champions of pseudo-secularism could come to the senses! If Muslims in Gujarat think that they can not come to power because they are in minority, this is unfortunate. who is preventing the minority from joining the mainstream! Educate your kids, let them be a part of the vibrant society, come out of the ghetto-mentality: this applies to each and everyone irrespective of the religious lineage.

Back home, I ( a Hindu by designation) was in a so-called ‘majority’, but here in USA, I am in a ‘minority’! But I have never felt it that way. I do not see recognition or festivity here around Holi, Deepawali and it is a period of festivity around here now because of X-mas and new year, but I have nothing to feel the heat. Because no one has tried to marginalize me, nor do I get special status also (special quota for academic Institutions, reservation based upon my religion!). The rules are equal for every one. It is unlike India, where your religion determines how many wives you can have! India is a democracy and a thriving democracy. What we need back home is uniform civil laws for everyone. It looks so anachronous to have these discriminatory practices like personal laws, reservations in place in a modern India.

Finally, this article by B Raman titled ” Why Modi appeals to Hindus” is worth reading! It appeared in Rediff.com


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t condone his acts because he is a winner now. Thats crowd psychology…not a very balanced train of thought. Violence begets violence. Gandhi would have never expected that sort of reciprocation from Modi. But who is Gandhi? A mute statue at some roundabout. What was his vision for India?……….Who cares. Lets teach those minorities a lesson.

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