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Vegetarianism and Cow

One aspect of vegetarianism is that it helps prevent cruelty against animals. Who says that animals or pets are emotion-less and just meant to be consumed! Watch this video. I saw it on Facebook and was immediately hooked to it!


RaghuKul Bhusan RajaRam…….

We have often heard the legendary divine song “Raghupati Raghav RajaRam, Patit Paawan SitaRam..”. Now the song “Raghukul Bhushan Rajaram…….” sung by Hariharan seems to be a modification of the above song, but is totally enchanting. Based upon Raag Piloo, this provides height of serenity and is truly heart-warming. Sold by Sona Rupa ,this DVD is worth listening as there are other melodies based upon various ragaas.

The Matter of Secular Polity

Gandhi ji had envisioned an India built on the foundation of Hindu-Muslim unity! That has remained an illusion to a large extent, thanks to the pseudo-secular polity practiced by successive governments after 1947. The time has come that we rectify our approach! It has become abundantly clear that secular policies be implemented in a true way. India needs its citizens- irrespective of their faith- to be treated in an equal manner and not as ‘Majority’ and “Minority’! Thus uniform civil code should have come into force long ago, and on the same note, personal laws should have been shunned long ago. Faith is a personal matter, let people worship what they want! But law of the land can not be governed based upon the religious conveniences and compulsions!

Free Tibet: A Chimera!

The Picture shows US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting Dalai Lama in Dharamshala, India in March 08.

Tibet is in spotlight again! The Tibetans and monks have spearheaded the struggle for freedom again and China is determined to crush the movement.
It has been a long wait for Tibet. In 1951 China annexed Tibet and in a single stroke became India’s neighbor. It is worthwhile to recollect that before that India and China were separated by Tibet.

In 1958, Dalai Lama fled to India and since then we have a Tibetan Government-in-exile in Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh). Not only that, India is the host to thousands of Tibetans and hundreds of Tibetans come in exodus to India almost every year.

The uprising this time has attracted world-wide attention and many causalities have been reported. Even Dalai Lama has termed that Tibet is under cultural invasion. But he has sort of refrained from demanding a free Tibet, he has talked about autonomy. That could be a disappointment for many. Dalai lama has struck to his ‘Middle Path” approach and has repeatedly said he advocates only nonviolence, presses not for independence but a “preservation of Tibetan culture,” endorses China’s role as host of the Olympic Games in August and is happy to speak to Chinese authorities, including Chinese President Hu Jinato.

The current situation in Tibet creates a unique situation for India: dilemma as well as an opportunity. India’s dilemma is understandable since India is interested in improving relationship with India.

But at the same point, herein lies the opportunity for India. After all, India is the greatest supporter of Tibet cause in the world. This fact is exemplified by Dalai Lama’s 49 years of exile in India. India is the soil from where his Government-in-exile opeartes, he travels to the world and puts forth his cause for Tibet. And obviously that impresses China the least!

Tibet- known as ‘The Roof of the World’ needs liberation and the only solution to its cultural invasion is a Free Tibet. This is another point that ‘cultural invasion’ has already taken place to some extent in Tibet, thanks to the active efforts on part of China. In the name of development, which Dalai lama has actually termed ” Demographic Aggression” contours of Lhasa and Tibet have changed. Pico Iyer writes in the cover story of a recent issue of Time magazine: “Lhasa, sometimes known as an “abode of gods,” has turned from the small traditional settlement I first saw in 1985 into an Eastern Las Vegas, with a population of 300,000 (two out of every three of them Chinese). On the main street alone, by one Western scholar’s count, there are 238 dance halls, and karaoke parlors and 658 brothels, and the Potala Palace- for centuries a symbol of a culture whose people were ruled by a monk and a home to nine Dalai Lamas- is now mockingly surrounded by an amusement park.”

Tibet needs the voice of the World, before its genocide is over!

"I Have a Dream"!

” I Have a Dream” : this famous phrase uttered by Dr Martin Luther king, Jr. has gained a historical prominence. On his birth anniversary, in the school, my 3rd grader son’s class set out to figure out what every student thought of their dreams! They were probably given to decipher what dream they had for their community, country and the world. That was an apt framework provided. Here is what my son had to offer his dreams on these lines. He wrote:

A] I have a dream for my community:
I have a dream that my community will become more technological.
When I told that the community here is already technologically advanced, what he wanted more! He said that he was thinking about his community back in India where people have lesser degree of access to the internet.

B] I have a dream for my Country:
I have a dream that one day there will be no war in my country.
To this I said: “Well, Sub! Where is the war in USA?” He referred to the war in Iraq! So, his understanding is that we in USA are at war with Iraq. I could not disagree!

C] I have a dream for the World:
I have a dream that the world will be pollution-free in the future.
Al Gore has succeeded in his Mission, I would say! Even kids are talking of Global warming! That is science taken to homes!

India: "Smoked Out" !

Proportion of all smokers in the world:
China: 30 %
India: 11.2 %
USA: 4.5 %
Tobacco-related habits are prevalent in all cultures, races and communities. It is such an addiction that has faded the boundaries of race and cultures! People have risen above race and cultural differences when it comes to smoking!

India has a 3 times population of USA and thus it would seem that both countries have an equal share of smokers. However, in USA there is an increasing awareness about the harms of smoking and passive smoking is very less prevalent because of work-place and public place- policies. That is hardly a case in India where you are a passive smoker even if you do not want to be! And the dangers of passive smoking are also significant. ‘Bidis’ are particularly inexpensive.

This mindless smoking and unwillingness of government to take some harsh measures means that as per projections 1 in 5 men in India will die from smoking by 2030. As per estimates, if global trends continue, by 2030 more than 8 million people will die each year from tobacco-related causes- 80 % in the developing world.

Some health agencies say that AIDS is going to cause havoc in India in years to come! What about simmering cigarettes! Are we going to be ‘smoked out’!

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