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National Security: A Farce!


There is an interesting news story published on NDTV portal with the caption: “Assam: pak citizen fought assembly election”. Dated August 2, 2008 the story reads: “While passing two judgements on the deportation of 50 odd illegal Bangladeshi settlers, the Guwahati High court mentions of a Pakistani citizen to have contested the 1996 Assembly elections in Assam once again raking up the issue of illegal migration in the state.The Guwahati High Court in a 95 page judgement on Wednesday (July 30) has mentioned that Mohammad Kamaruddin, a Pakistani citizen, had contested the state Assembly elections in 1996.The judgement also said that it is possible only in a place like Assam.”

We cry foul when there are bomb blasts in India and blame the game on Pakistan. Well, who is preventing us from protecting our borders and solving the Kashmir issue! Day is not far when India may lose its Sovereignty . The thought looks dreaded but that is the way we have conducted ousrselves as a nation regarding our national security and secular practices! If the Congress party has openly divided the Indian society on the basis of religion (appeasing minorities in particular), BJP has not proven its credentials when it was in power for what it preaches! The smaller regional parties have simply acted as ‘prostitutes’ , only showing their lust for power brokerage and amassing wealth! They have nothing to do with national issues (their very creation and existence is on regional plank!). Anyway, click here enjoy the story of NDTV.


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