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Terrorism has hit India in its belly!


The jehadi terrorism has hit India in its belly! Not for the first time though! I have no hesitation in saying that many 9/11s have happened in India. Is someone hearing! A nation who is not prepared to secure its own home and territories is bound to meet misery time and again. Do not look at my observation as hostile to our nationhood , but this is what has been happening to us as far as terrorist activities are concerned. I distinctly remember what happened after attack on our Parliament in 2001. Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee – the Prime Minister at that time- had declared that we would not spare the culprits. Nothing happend ! Hardly 3 months ago, Indian Embassy at Kabul (Afganistan) was attacked by the unidentified terrorists: CIA and Indian intelligence have come out with a conclusion that Pakistan had a link to this event. Instead what India is doing is that we continue to play cricket with our neighbor, trains will continue! What else can India do. What is our preparedness to combat terrorism: at best it is just reactionary and episodic as The Wall Street Journal observed. So true!

So what is our future? Does India not have a resolve to show that it can contain terrorism on its soil?


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  1. Pranks says:

    nothing is possible in this country…..Everyone here wants a revolution but no one is ready to change himself. So India will continue to bleed as it has bleeded for the past 2 decades.

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