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Mumbai Terrorist Atack: India also Exposed!


Now that the whole world is talking about Mumabi terrorist attack where more than 200 people were killed: Pakistan is in sharp focus. The needle of suspicion on Pakistan is stronger when CIA says that the suspects came from Karachi via sea route. Come what may, India will shout loudly about pakistan’s role, Pakistan is already deflecting those charges: in the end India will sit down quietly. This is nothing new.

Well, moreover this attack has exposed India’s security lapse. The western media is discussing the sensitive and timely warnings given to Indians by CIA about the possible attacks. Fox News reports: “Of greater concern for India was the apparent failure to act on multiple warnings ahead of the Mumbai attacks, which Indian navy chief Sureesh Mehta called “a systemic failure.”
India’s foreign intelligence agency also had warnings as recently as September that Pakistan-based terrorists were plotting attacks on Mumbai, according to a government intelligence official familiar with the matter.”
Shamefully enough, when Indians commandos arrived in Hotel Taj and other hotels, their maps regarding the locations were not exact, whereas we hear that the terrorists had exact details of the place.
The government- a pack of non-efficient , unpatriotic ,corrupt and selfish politicians – has let us down again and again.


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