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Freedom Team of India

Logo of Freedom Team of India

We are looking for leaders who want to transform the Indian system of governance and politics. The current political parties- starting form Congress and BJP to regional forces like DMK, BSP and Samajwadi Party (SP) – have no short term or long term vision and perspective to curb corruption, deliver better governance to an extent that it brings succor to us. Their economic policies are at the best socialist. The free-market concept and ideas of liberty do not appeal to them , as they want to continue vote-ban politics by offering populism, quotas and catering to interest groups.
India needs a revamp of the system where democracy can thrive on the principles of freedom of expression, liberty and free market policies.
We need leaders who are willing to join hands to bring revolution to India. Here is the link for Freedom Team of India. This is not a chat group, nor a think tank. This is a political group (not yet a political party). I invite you to have an in-depth study of the concept.

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